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Easy Caprese & Crostini

This is a weekly staple in our house, combining one of Braeden's favorite ingredients, cherry tomatoes, and one of mine, mozzarella ciliegine. It's easy, fresh, and delicious - plus, it takes less than 10 minutes!


1 Pint Cherry Heirloom Tomatoes

8oz Mozzarella Ciliegine

3T Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2T Balsamic Glaze

1T Fresh Chopped Basil

Salt & Pepper, to taste



1. Slice cherry tomatoes in half, place in large bowl

2. Rinse mozzarella, add to tomatoes

3. Add olive oil, salt, and pepper to bowl

4. Chop the basil, mix in with tomatoes and mozzarella

5. Transfer to serving dish, drizzle with balsamic glaze

6. Serve on crostini and enjoy!

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