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Favorite Kitchen Tools

Just a short list of some of my favorite / most used (and loved) kitchen tools and products! Each photo has a link to the product for easy shopping! None of these are affiliate links or paid product promotions, just a list of the things I use and trust every day. Enjoy!

This list will be updated as I explore new products, so check back often!

Stasher Bags

Re-useable "plastic" bags that are 100% plastic-free. They have a useful life of 10+ years and are made from a high, food safe silicone. They're extremely versatile - you can freeze them, sous-vide in them, throw them in the microwave, and they're even dishwasher safe!

GreenLife Cookware

GreenLife pans are the best ceramic nonstick pans that I've found -- they're also vegan and incredibly well-priced. They come in fun, vibrant colors like turquoise and lavender, plus they're so durable. I was skeptical of the off-white ceramic, as I thought it would stain easily, but I've been using my set for almost 2 years now and haven't had any problems. I've even left spaghetti sauce in one overnight (oops!) and it lifted right off without leaving a trace.

KitchenAid Atrisan 5-Quart Stand Mixer

The best investment you will ever make. KitchenAid stand mixers are loved for so many reasons - they're durable, classic, the ultimate kitchen tool. I was gifted a Sunbeam Stand Mixer in college, but it was lightweight and plastic. While that mixer lasted me over 10+ years, I was so excited and ready to upgrade to my current KitchenAid. The appeal of a KitchenAid is the variety / availability of colors, the various attachments (pasta roller, spiralizer, food grinder, the list goes on!), and the fact that they will last you your entire cooking career - whether you're a professional or just starting out.

Home Chef

Not a kitchen tool, but the best weeknight meal solution I've discovered. They have a TON of amazing vegetarian & pescatarian options. My 5-year old son and I have tried Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, but Home Chef beats them both. Simple, healthy meals that are perfect for a busy weeknight. Their packaging is minimal and a lot of it can be recycled. 10/10 stars for me! (I don't have an affiliate link for Home Chef, but I can send you a deal via email if you would like! Just send me a message here and I'll email you a link!)

Truffle Hunter Oils

Truffles might be overrated to some, but they are a family favorite in this house. From truffle risotto to truffle bread, we find a way to incorporate either truffle oil or butter into our meals weekly. Truffle Hunter White Truffle Oil is this amazingly rich blend of garlic and white truffle, its easy to incorporate and so versatile. Plus, you can pick this up from their website at a truly reasonable price. I have tried a few other white truffle oils, but none of them come close to Truffle Hunter.

Epicurean Butter

This is a Colorado brand that I absolutely love. Their finishing butters are amazing and the perfect compliment to any meal. My favorite is their White Truffle Butter, which is featured in my White Truffle Parmesan Bread recipe (*stay tuned, publishing to the blog on November 25th, 2020) . I have also finished scallops with their Roasted Garlic Herb butter and baked cinnamon knots with the Cinnamon & Brown Sugar butter. Most often I have found their butters at Whole Foods, or the full selection is available on their website!

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