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Swedish Pancakes

Updated: Apr 20, 2020


5 Large Eggs

1/4c Sugar

3/4c Half and Half (or Heavy Cream)

1/2t Vanilla

1/2t Salt

1c AP Flour

3T Salted Butter

1/2c Powdered Sugar


1. In large mixing bowl, beat eggs

2. Add in remaining ingredients, and beat until batter is smooth and there are no more lumps

3. Heat a small amount of oil in large skillet, over medium heat

4. When pan is hot, spoon 1/4c batter into pan, swirling pan in a counter-clockwise motion. You want to make a large, thin pancake - about 1/8" thick

5. Cook about 30 seconds, you will start to see the edges brown, then flip to cook the other side

6. Cook another 30 seconds, then stack pancakes on a plate, making sure to butter the top of each pancake

7. When you've finished cooking all your pancakes, take a heaping spoonful of powdered sugar and sprinkle it on each buttered pancake, then roll it up

8. Enjoy!


Before cooking each pancake, I put a little vegetable oil in the pan, about 1t

You don't have to fill each pancake with powdered sugar - you can butter and serve with your favorite syrup or jam

Makes approximately 10-12 pancakes

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