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Truffle Popcorn


1/2c Popcorn Kernels, any variety

1T Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2T Black Truffle Oil (1T / 1T)

1/2-1t Black Truffle Salt


In large covered pot, over medium heat, heat 1T olive & 1T truffle oil until warm

Place two or three popcorn kernels in pot while the oil heats, once the kernels pop, remove the pot from heat, stir in the rest of the kernels

Turn down the burner to medium low, and place pot back on heat

Tilt the lid to just barely vent the pot, to keep the popcorn from steaming Keep pan on heat until the kernels are all popped

Top with additional 1T truffle oil and add sprinkle over truffle salt


Use a high quality olive oil, such as Partanna

Try to find an infused truffle oil, instead of truffle flavored. Truffle flavored often contains little to no actual truffle. I highly recommend the brand Truffle Hunter

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