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White Truffle Mascarpone Risotto with Roasted Garlic Herb Butter Scallops



4c Vegetable Stock (or Chicken Stock)

1 1/2c Arborio Rice

1T Partanna Olive Oil

2T White Wine Vinegar

1/4c Water

Splash of Lemon Juice

1/2c Mascarpone Cheese

1/3c Grated Parmesan Cheese

Fresh or Dried Parsley

Black Pepper


10-15 Fresh (or frozen) U15 / U10 Scallops

2T Partanna Olive Oil

2T Unsalted Butter


1. In small saucepan, heat vegetable stock until boiling, then reduce to low to keep hot

2. Meanwhile, heat 1T olive oil and 2T truffle butter in a large pot over medium heat

3. Once butter has melted, add in the rice, stir to coat, 3 minutes (be careful to not brown the rice)

4. Add in the 2T white wine vinegar, 1/4c water, and a splash of lemon juice

5. When water/vinegar is absorbed and the rice starts to look dry, slowly add in the hot vegetable stock, one ladle at a time

6. Risotto is a slow process, but definitely worth the wait. Continue to add the vegetable stock in one ladle at a time until fully absorbed, stirring occasionally. This process should take anywhere between 25-30 minutes. When your rice is done (and make sure to taste as you go), it shouldn’t be crunchy, but it should be firm

7. When the stock has been added and the rice is cooked, reduce heat to low. Stir in 1T truffle butter and mascarpone cheese, until well incorporated

8. After you add the mascarpone, turn on an additional burner to medium high heat to start melting the butter and olive oil for the scallops 9. While the pan for the scallops heats up, add the parmesan cheese to the risotto

10. Once the parmesan has melted into the risotto, turn the heat as low as it will go to keep the risotto warm

11. When the butter is melted and the pan is hot, add the scallops. Let them cook 4 minutes on one side, undisturbed 12. Flip the scallops with tongs and cook an additional 3 minutes. Turn the heat off, leave the scallops on the burner, and add the Epicurean Roasted Garlic Herb butter

13. Now, finish the risotto, adding a few turns of fresh ground black pepper and either dried or fresh parsley, for garnish. Enjoy!

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